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Top 10 Independent Female Country Artists to Watch for in 2023

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Hey everyone!  Welcome back to another Top 10 Blog here from the Boots & Whiskey Podcast!  Yesterday we posted our Top 10 Most Listened to Episodes of the Year over on Instagram and Facebook, go check it out!  They were some incredible conversations in there for sure!

Now this list is about the Top 10 Independent Women to watch for in 2023.  Let me say this again.  This is who we think you should be looking out for in 2023.  This does not discredit anyone, this doesn’t mean we think these 10 are better than others out there, but these are the 10 we think had a great 2022 and will really flourish in 2023.  We would love to hear what you think!

So here we go!

10 – Jenny Grace

Jenny is an artist we have had on our radar all year in 2022.  Although her releases lacked this year, we think that with her latest release ‘Ghost’ and the momentum it drove at its release could allow for her to really take 2023 by storm with a few more great releases like this.  We talked to Jenny in late 2021 on the show and we did something with her for the ‘Ghost’ release and both were great conversations!  It is a pleasure to call Jenny a friend and we really hope 2023 is her year!

9 – Kate Boytek

We unfortunately have not talked to Kate in quite some time, but we have been watching her.  We had Kate on the show as well, can you see the trend here yet!  When we talked it was like a therapy session we needed.  Since then, she has been playing live show after live show, and really growing her name in West Virginia and elsewhere.  We really think that Kate is one song away from really being a household name in this industry.  The one song that everyone attaches too and says “well where has she been?”  When in reality she is right here and you’re not paying attention!  Check her out now!

8- Taylor Hughes

This is the first example of an artist being on this list in probably the wrong spot.  This is also a little bias because we are in the works with helping Taylor a little more in her career and very excited for that hopeful opportunity.  I like to put the things I want in the ethos!  Anyway, I digress.  Taylor has the full package of an artist that again, is legit one viral song away from exploding.  She is killing it in Kentucky (where she’s from) and Nashville, but we need her to expand into other markets as well for others to see and understand and appreciate the Taylor Hughes sound.  To me, she is the apotome of what a Female Country Artist should be…well for her style that is.  She is that whiskey slinging, ass kicking, not taking anyone’s shit kind of girl.  She will bust her ass to get where she wants to go and working with her over the last few months and getting to know her, nothing is stopping this young lady.

7- Parker Graye

Another example of an artist that should probably be like number 1 or even number 2.  The only and I mean ONLY reason Parker is number 7, is because we have not had her on the show yet, but she is coming.  Don’t you worry, she will be on in early 2023.  Already taken care of!  This girl is going to absolutely destroy 2023.  She’s going to be at the top of the Independent Country world by this time next year, trust me.  She’s already absolutely destroying the areas she’s in.  You can not turn around in the Canadian Country Music scene and not hear her name being shouted from the rooftops.  She has been featured in several Spotify Playlists and the train she’s on isn’t stopping any time soon!  We are so excited to see what happens for her!

**Side Bar** – Canadian Country Music is fire ….we need to pay attention to it more.

6- Presley Tennant

Presley’s social media following is a force to be reckoned!  Her sound is soulful and spot on.  She’s released some great songs in 2022.  She’s been featured in People Magazine, Cowgirl, and of course the Boots & Whiskey Podcast has had her as a guest.  Her song ‘Gamble on You’ may have been one of my favorites this year for sure.  It reminds me of the kind of song you’d want to hear at a bar after a few whiskeys.  Presley has exactly what it takes to keep going and keep being a force!  We look forward to her releases in 2023 and what’s in store.

5 – Dariann Leigh

This young lady is going to sneak up on us, I think.  She is currently out there in Nashville playing writers rounds and doing the damn thing.  She has a great voice, and a knack for storytelling.  She really reminds me of a Taylor Swift type with her sound and the songs she is writing.  I do not believe she is on enough people’s radars currently.  Which I think will lead to a big surprise to people in 2023 when she “comes out of nowhere.”

4- Maddye Trew

I have a soft spot for this young lady Maddye Trew.  It isn’t very often an artist comes along who from the first conversation you have with them you can tell they are truly 100% genuine.  All the ladies on this list are absolutely incredible artists who we have had the pleasure of speaking with a number of times, but Maddye has always stood out.  She carries herself very professionally, she has an incredible team behind her, and imagine this, her songs … even better than everything I am describing about her.  The first song I ever heard from her was ‘That’s the Lonely Talkin’ ‘and I legit stopped in my tracks and relistened to it.  Her powerful story telling and her voice is unmatched.  The best part?  She is young and has so much more to give us!  Her latest release ‘Dear Loretta’ will pull at your heart, especially if you are a real country music fan.  This love letter to an absolute giant in the industry is authentic, heartfelt, and complete in the ways of songwriting.  Keep Maddye in your sights, trust me.

3- Payton Howie

These top 3 ladies are ass kickers.  That is why they are the top 3.  They have an edge and a “go get em,” attitude that I love.  Payton Howie is taking the Red Dirt scene by storm!  You want to talk about the next women coming out of Texas, well here she is.  She grinds, pushes, and stands up to the biggest acts coming out of the region.  She’s incredibly humble by her success and her song writing chops really to me are better than most.  She had an incredible 2022 with her releases and being all over the place from podcasts to shows and everything in between.  Her PR team is really pushing her and rightfully so.  Oh did we mention we had her on too? Shameless plug.  Keep an eye out for Ms. Howie in 2023.

2- Taylor Austin Dye

TAD as her fans call her, is to me, an absolute power house.  She is a marketing genius when it comes to social media and pushing her product.  If you follow country Tik Tok you have certainly come across Taylor Austin Dye.  If you have not, you are really missing out.  Her 2022 was a roller coaster as she has mentioned through social media with health and what not, but her music never faltered.  Hell, it got better and better as the year went on!  She is on a path and journey I don’t think anyone is ready for.  She is, but we certainly are not.  She is going to absolutely explode, especially if she stays on the track with what she’s doing and that kick ass female country sound she has.  I do worry she will shift her sound to be more “radio friendly” but I guess if that’s what will help send her to the next level, then she should.  I really hope she stays true to her roots and keeps kicking ass!  2023 is going to be HUGE for her.

1 – Morgan Myles

Morgan Myles.  A few months ago, I had no idea who she was.  Started seeing some stuff about The Voice, a show I never watched more than clips on Facebook of, and then here she was opening for Jake Owen in Providence.  I got to meet her and asked her to come on the show, and she became an instant friend.  I will say this.  I am so glad she didn’t win The Voice.  I am going to tell you why and it’s a reason I saw somewhere else but I agree whole heartedly.  Her not winning means she can do whatever she wants and isn’t tied to anything or anyone when it comes to her music.  This is the absolute best thing for her and her career hands down!  This will open so many more doors than ever before and she deserves it 100%  I am going to make this prediction right now.  Morgan Myles will be the next Carrie Underwood in this genre.  She may be even bigger.  The tied is turning in Country Music.  Morgan has a much better voice than most of her counterparts that are coming up and she already has the star power and the push to make her the biggest Female Country Artist in the next 5 years.  It will be her and Lainey Wilson at the top with Ashley McBryde.  You heard it here first.


Agree?  Disagree?  Let us know here or on social media!



Written by: Jim Boots and Whiskey

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