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New England Based Artists to Watch for in 2023 – Boots & Whiskey Blog

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Well, here we are!  I guess we are back to blogging.  I am not upset about it.  For those of you tuning into the blogs for the first time, welcome!  Also, don’t expect fancy words or picture-perfect descriptions.  The way you read these blogs is the way I talk, sometimes it’s elegant, but most of the time it is not.  There will be spelling errors, punctuation errors, and swearing.  Definitely Swearing.

Earlier this year, on a different platform, I discussed my Top 10 New England Artists.  This list is who I think you should look out for in 2023.  They are on the rise to do badass things this year and you do not want to be the one to say, “I had a chance to know them when, but I didn’t listen to Jim.”  Do not be that person, just listen to me!

So here we go!

10 – Mariah Rose

Mariah has been pushing her stuff and playing locally for years.  Most recently she seems to be turning up the volume with her playing and her song writing.  I could be off on this one, but I think we are going to see some great things from her in 2023.  If not, this year will be her catapult into 2024 and beyond.  Stay tuned for our episode with Mariah very soon!

9 – Louie Bello

A staple to the local music scene in Boston, Louie has been also pushing his brand in 2022.  He has been seen all over the place and releasing music videos and new music constantly.  He has a bit of a hip hop vibe to his music, but I suppose that is a trend right now.  Not my thing, but something that resonates with audiences.  He has feel good, sway your hips music.  Bring your partner to a Louie Bello show and your bound to leave with a little pep in your step, because you know what is next.

8- Dalton & The Sheriffs

What can I say about Dalton & The Sheriffs that I have not said in the past?  You may be asking yourself, “Wow one of Jim’s favorite local acts isn’t in the top 5,” Correct.  A BIG reason is that they released an album in 2022 and had a HUGE end of year run, including a trip across the globe to play for our Troops in Japan! I am super proud of this band and all they accomplished in 2022, I am not sure how they could top it in 2023, but knowing Scully and the guys, they will prove me wrong and have the best year ever.  But we will just say this ranking is what will push them to prove me wrong and have the best year ever.  Right?  Right!

7- Jake & Jenny

Old friends of ours here with Jake & Jenny.  They have pretty much left us and what we are doing in the dust, but whatever, I will cry after I finish writing this.  In 2022, they recorded some kick ass FULL BAND tunes in Nashville.  This full band sound will be the catalyst for whatever success comes their way.  The days of acoustic duos will only get you so far.  This is something I have said to them in the past too, so it is not a shock I am saying it again.  I think if they want to be serious in this region, they have to have a full band at all times and only do the duo thing when it’s appropriate.  The two of them together have what it takes to really make a bigger splash in this area.

6- Ashley Jordan

I struggled with this one a bit.  I did not want to be too bias as we are working together with Ashley to be her management team, but I think 2023 will be her year once her new album is released.  The last few years have been stranger years for Ashley, although successes, they have not brought the splash she deserves.  With new music, a new team, and a rejuvenated mindset.  This is going to be the year we all hear about Ashley Jordan.

5 – Nick Casey

Nick is an absolute gem of a person.  His gritty song lyrics, his raspy aged story telling voice, and his genuine good-natured approach makes Nick a top contender for one of the most talented artists in New England.  This kid has everything you would want in a song writer.  The only issue is he is in the wrong region of the country.  This voice deserves to be in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas to really shine.  Regardless 2023 will be a huge year for Nick.

4- Houston Bernard

Houston has been doing some cool shit this year including playing Whiskey Jam and hitting the charts on Texas Independent Radio.  This guy has a grit and a work ethic unlike most on this list.  He would play a back alley in front of 3 people if it meant getting more fans and more people to know who he is.  That’s dedication and it should be applauded.  We will be presenting some shows in 2023 featuring Houston and a few others on this list.  Looking forward to a big year for him.

3- Nick Bosse

In the last list I made, Nick Bosse was number 10.  Reason was, I reached out time and again and could not get a response due to email mishaps.  Well since then, he has released maybe the best EP I have heard all year with the self -titled debut.  He has also recently won Locals Live at the Mohegan Sun Wolfden.  We look forward to having Nick on our show in 2023 for sure.  Nick is going places and getting their fast.  Do not sleep on Nick Bosse.

2- Scarlett Drive

I am hopeful that 2023 lights the fire under Russel James’ ass to bring Scarlett Drive back to GLORY in the New England area.  Their songs are powerful, fun, and a true kick in the ass we all need!  Russel is going to kill me once he reads this, but there is NO reason this band is not kicking ass and taking names on a weekly basis.  I get it, kids, jobs, blah blah blah.  This band has a lot to say and the world needs to hear it!  We will be a better people with SD music in our lives.  We have some doings with SD this year that we can not wait for!  It is going to be a bad ass year for SD, maybe they should bring on Barrel Spur Entertainment and get them to the promised land.  GO STREAM THEIR MUSIC!!!! The latest album ‘Shaky Ground’ is incredible start to finish.  And I am not just saying that, but I mean it.  Every song is a banger! Check them out, they deserve way more credit!

1 – April Cushman

Your Country Artist of the Year according to the New England Music Awards, which we were honored to be able to present to her!  This girl.  THIS GIRL!  I am going to say this.  You are not listening to April Cushman right now, but I promise you by this time next year you will be SCREAMING her lyrics.  From her powerful soulful sound that rivals Ashley McBryde and the other female titans in the genre, to her wonderful guitar playing, April is the full package.  Not to mention, the absolute sweetest person on the face of the earth.  This will be the year that April breaks out of New England and starts to creep into the country music lexicon outside of this region.


Thank you for taking the time to read this!  Check out all these incredible acts and performers and make sure to like our pages on Facebook and Instagram!  Cheers ya’ll

Written by: Jim Boots and Whiskey

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  1. AP on December 14, 2022

    Great list of amazing artists from New England, but 12/OC should be on it and will do great things in 2023

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