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Keep your boots on the ground and the whiskey in the glass.

With a name like Boots & Whiskey, it's pretty clear this podcast is different from the start. Jim sits down each week with members of the country music community to talk about things you won't hear on other podcasts. You can listen to the entire archive of podcasts here or listen to new episodes on Mondays on Dirt Road FM.

Meet Jim!  He is the owner and host of the Boots & Whiskey Podcast!  Hailing from Southern New England, Jim hasn’t always loved country music.  The love has come within the last decade or so starting off with seeing Eric Church when he was a nobody to seeing Garth Brooks in a major stadium, his love has grown over the years.  Being known for pushing the envelope and wanting to promote what he loves, Jim decided to start a podcast unlike any other.  A country music show that instead of the typical Q&A style, he started the conversational format that mirrors something along the line of the Joe Rogan Experience, just not as long.  On this show, we want to hear about the artist and their story not a cookie cutter interview and neither do our listeners.  Thanks for listening and make sure to follow us on all social media outlets!
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