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Is this the Best HARDY Album To Date?

todayJanuary 23, 2023 20 5

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That’s what everyone’s been chanting all weekend right?  We finally have HARDY’s long awaited album ‘the mockingbird & THE CROW’ to be released.  I had Tweeted the other day and posted on Facebook and on Instagram that anyone who put out their thoughts on Friday was lying to themselves and to you, the consumer.  I stand by this statement 100%!!

If this review came out on Friday it would have gone like this after a one time listen.  “Don’t bother, worst album I have ever heard, don’t waste your time, a burlap bag of cats being thrown into water sounds better than this….” And so on and so forth.  You get the idea, right?

Well here we are days after the release, I have given the album a listen too about 4 or 5 times now, and I have to say, although I don’t think it was the worst thing to ever hit my ears, I also don’t think it’s the best either.  Michael Hardy has come out and said this is the best work he’s done since coming to Nashville and I couldn’t disagree with him anymore on that statement.  It’s a decent album.  Probably will end 2023 in the Top 10 for sure, even probably the Top 5, but best songs he’s written? Not a chance.  I can name off at least 5 other songs I would listen to over this entire album of HARDY’s … ‘Give Heaven Some Hell’, ‘A Rock’, ‘Truck’, ‘Boots’, oh hell the entire ‘A Rock’ album was better by a long shot than ‘mockingbird’.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this album has solid tunes on it.  The first half of the album is great!  But still not the best songs he has written.  The second half….not my thing.  I will say this though.  ‘Radio Song’, best song on the second half.  It’s wild from start to finish.  I didn’t know if I should be happy or mad or angry or what.  I still have no fucking idea what to feel, but I do know it’s going to be a staple at a HARDY live show.

The second half left a lot to be desired for me and I think a lot of it was because we have already had or heard MOST of those songs before.  ‘SOLD OUT’ ‘JACK’ & ‘TRUCK BED’ have been out for some time now, they weren’t surprises.  Same can be said with ‘wait in the truck (feat. Lainey Wilson)’ but at least this one is worlds better than ‘JACK’ and ‘TRUCK BED’.

With this album we are seeing a side of Michael Hardy we knew was there, but finally coming out to the forefront on an album.  Sure he’s been very rock n’ roll over his career, but this album says to us “I can do both motherfucker and do it well.”  He does, he does write both types well I will give him that.  He reminds me a lot of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  As if one side is the “good guy” and one side is the “bad guy”.  I just want HARDY to pick a side he wants to be on.  Obviously, he’s not going to listen to me, but I love the rock n roll country.  The heavy metal screamo shit.  Enough.

I think this album has a ton of potential in all honesty.  I think after another dozen or so listens songs will grow on me even more, but we will see.  I think this is a very good album like I said, but I don’t think it’s his best work he’s ever put out.  Some of the songs?  Yes top 5 HARDY songs of all time…some of them, but overall I give this album a “B”.  Hit the mark on some aspects and missed the mark by a bit on some other aspects.

Written by: Jim Boots and Whiskey

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