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Is Eric Church Reviving Country Music?

todayJanuary 12, 2023 39 5

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Yesterday, Eric Church announced the Summer Tour to practically end Summer Tours if you have any idea about good country music that you’re really only going to find if you are a true die-hard country music fan.

Around 7 am, I get a ding on my phone and it is an email from Eric Church’s official email announcing the tour and the dates and the guests.  I was literally late for work getting the announcement out on my end, but it was news worth being late for.  Before I get into my thoughts, just check out these guests:

Whiskey Myers, Cody Jinks, Jelly Roll, Ashley McBryde, Koe Wetzel, Lainey Wilson, Midland, Parker McCollum, Travis Tritt, Elle King, Paul Cauthen, Jackson Dean, Morgan Wade, Muscadine Bloodline, Shane Smith & the Saints, Hailey Whitters, Ray Whyle Hubbard, and The Red Clay Strays

All of these artists are capable of a headlining tour of their own and they have been tapped to open in different stops along the way of this tour.  The best part, these are all artists and bands as a country fan, you should already know.  If you don’t….well I guess welcome to country music, or at least country music that makes a difference.

Church is calling this tour ‘The Outsiders Revival Tour’.  I think he’s right.  We have been tooting the horn of these artists for a year and most haven’t had the success they deserve from mainstream radio.  The country commentator world loves these bands.  Of course, depending on where in the country you are depends on if these folks are even played on country radio.  As of late, up here in Massachusetts, we are getting a handful of these artists, but we’ll never hear Cody Jinks, Koe Wetzel, Shane Smith & the Saints, or The Red Cay Strays because “they don’t fit the market.”  Even though, in the last year all of these bands except The Red Clay Strays have played shows in the area and have sold them out.  But yes, they don’t fit the market.

I have been watching the Eric Church Facebook groups over the last 24 hours and it’s a hoot, let me tell you!  Some people are psyched, as they should be.  Some people are pissed, maybe as they should be as well.  I’m not thrilled there are ZERO New England Dates, but I also know that New Jersey and Philly are only a few hours away if I want to go THAT BAD.  Which I do, and may make the drive for.  Especially seeing those two dates have Whiskey Myers attached to them.

Now, I started to think about some things with this tour and I have to say, Grady Smith helped with some of these thoughts of mine from some of his posts yesterday.  The Chief was heavy in pushing vaccines over the last two years, being on the cover of Rolling Stone, and the beef between him and Travis Tritt.  Grady make a good point and I am bringing it here, how was that relationship mended?  Is this tour a way for Church to sort of back away from a lot of that?  Does anyone even remember?  Does anyone even care?  I think a lot of those questions are answered with a big ‘No’.

I am hoping this tour is a way for Church to bring up and coming talent to the masses.  I am hoping that it sends a message that, “if theses bands and artists are good enough for The Chief, they are good enough for you.”  Over the last few tours, there hasn’t been an opening act for Eric.  It’s been sometimes 3 plus hours of his music and that’s it.  Will these shows be shorter sets?  I would imagine they would be.  Are the direct support acts going to get more than 45 mins?  I would hope so!  But who knows?

We know that he’s releasing a new single tomorrow January 13th, will there be an album along with it?  I think that may be a stretch, but maybe not, it’s been about 2 years since Heart & Soul came out.  Well in April it will be 2 years.  So time line wise, it’s time even though the last album was really 2 and a half albums.  That we were told would never all be on Spotify.  But they are.  We also haven’t heard much from Church since the end of the “Gather Again Tour”.  I am excited for what’s coming I really am.

A lot of this is speculation, but I think a lot of it is very plausible as well.  I think we are going to see bigger and better from Eric this year.  Maybe even another run at ‘Entertainer of the Year’.  These dates, I am going out on a limb and say they are going to be more sought after than Wallen and Combs once they start going.

I am going to say it, The Chief is bringing country music back to the forefront with bringing these artists on the road with him.  This is the future of country music over the next 5 years.  Mark my words!

This is going to be a fun summer of some big tours!  Stay tuned for more coverage as the summer rolls through!

Written by: Jim Boots and Whiskey

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