Diana Ingram Mike Kuster - Friends With Benefits Just met Mike in a bar downtown. He is the real deal! Mary Anderson Mike Kuster - Friends With Benefits Loving this song! So much fun! Jacob Valerrie kirsh James Horner & Céline Dion - My Heart Will Go On (Love Theme from I want to give a shout out to my mom and dad for listening in!

CountryTok is looking for content creators, radio hosts, podcasts, writers, social media content designers, and more. If you fit one of these categories or you think you would be a great brand ambassador. We want your help to reach our goal of making CountryTok the top destination for everything country. 

We believe in transparency, here is how everything looks:

  • Content Writers – If you write or produce an article for, we compensate you with a 90/10 revenue split. A revenue split means we pay you 90% of the advertising earnings generated on your article. We are currently looking for news articles and album reviews.
  • Podcasts – If you bring your podcast to, we will list and promote it for free. Feel free to negotiate your own sponsorships and retain 100% of your earnings. We are also experimenting with Podcasts for Radio, which allows us to make your podcast ready for over-the-air broadcasting. 
  • Radio Hosts/Shows – If you host a show on one of our stations, we will offer a 50/50 advertising share. We are currently looking for both syndicated and custom shows for Dirt Road FM and Country Praise.
  • Event Team – We are looking for folks to help list concerts under our event team. We are a StubHub affiliate. For each ticket sold through our affiliate link, we offer a 50/50 revenue split.
  • Social Media Team – We are looking to partner with social media content creators for our multiple social media accounts. Compensation is based on the amount posts. We look forward to further discussion. 
  • Social Media Ambassadors – Promote Dirt Road FM on social media and earn free swag from the CountryTok Shop.

Interested? Please email Anthony Burdette at

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